Murray Smith

Murray Smith, now a full time painter, is an award winning art director, enjoying a distinguished career in advertising for more than 25 years. Among his many achievements, he is credited with creating campaigns and posters for more than 200 films including "Star Wars", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "Apocalypse Now", "Taxi Driver", "Superman" and "All the President's Men".

He is the recipient of several open juried awards and prizes.

His interest in capturing the beautiful atmospheric north light in his studio is what makes his classical painterly style so convincing.

Cobalt Pitcher with Fruit
Peonies and Pewter
Roses and Fruit
Bouquet and Porcelain
Peonies Bouquet in Asian Vase
Peonies in a Glass Bowl
Gerber Daisies with Lady Apples
Orchids in a Red Vase
White Orchid
Gerber Daisies with Apples