Bo Kass

"In my three areas of interest - Urban Scenes, Still Life and Landscapes - I use traditional photography and natural lighting to capture the images and moods that are presented to me. When I connect with a particular place, I try to capture the feeling of the space and to preserve it through my lens. I serve as a sensitive recording plate, preserving that moment. Shooting by natural light I wait for the brief moment when the arranged objects are illuminated by sunlight creating pattern of light and shadow."

Bo Kassí work has received multiple awards and prizes of the highest regard, and is exhibited extensively. A black and white print of "Fence and Shadow" was recently selected for display in the Washington, D.C. office of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

Still Life in White
Rooftops at Dawn
Eighteenth Street Tavern
View from the East River - New York
Peonies and Silver Pitcher
View from the East River - Queens
Sunflower with Earthenware Pitcher
Still Life with Print by Deane Keller
Roof at Daybreak